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About Old Cat

Cats' House

Old Cat is a shelter for abandoned, old and abused cats. It is placed  7 km. from the city of  Popovača, in  a protected Park of Nature: « Moslavačka Gora», in the village of Voloder in Croatia.

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Mission and Vision


Mission of the shelter is to provide « Home For Ever» for the cats that never   had a  home or were abandoned by their families.

Our vision is to create a friendly place of meeting  for people who share the attitude that  streets of cities and villages are not the place where abandoned pets should live, and that everyone could and should  contribute to this goal.

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2008.  A 4 acres estate, woods and vineyards mostly, in the Protected Park of Nature on the slopes of Moslavačka Gora, near village of Voloder has been given  at disposal to the «Old Cat», a Croatian  nonprofit organizatio

 The cats were moved from the expensive and narrow hotel to their new home in a beautifull surroundings of  woods and vineyards. At last they have enough space for running, playing and sunbathing.

Thanks to a donation from Mrs. Zlata Kilchenmann and several Croatian companies: Samoborka, Ciglana Mraclin, Bramac, Schiedel, Knauf Insulation, KIO, Igm Šljunčara which donated building materials, the house in the middle of the shelter has been built.

Today «Old Cat» is a Home for Ever  for more than 100 cats.

About the objects

Shelter consists of three parts : a house and one opened fenced space on the northern part of the house and one on the southern part of the house.

Opened parts: Both opened parts are dimensions  12 x 10 x 2,20 meters  and their sides and top are  closed with a double metal net. Each opened part is devided with metal net in three boxes  dimensions 12 x 2,5 mt. Following the sides of boxes are corridors in the shape of  letter L . Both opened parts , morthern and southern have two additional boxes  dimensions 2,5 x  1,5 mt, and  1,2 x 1,5 mt.

Cats' House. The house has 42 sq/mt. groundplan. It has two stores,  ground floor and attic. It has brick walls and tile roof.  There is a central corridor through  the ground floor. A wood stove and chimney are at the and of the corridor. House is heated with the wood when temperature falls under 15 degrees C. Three boxes are on  each side of the corridor Each box in the house  is connected with the outer boxes with 6 openings in the walls of the house. Through those openings cats can freely move from the house to the opened part and opposite.

Females and males are sepparated

Attic is used for the cats which  need  nursing care.

About the residents

Total number, Dec. 2016 : 126

Females: 65

Males: 61

Age, average : 6,45 years

Age span: 9 months to 16 years

9 months to 4 years:  36%

5-9 years                 : 37%

10+ years                : 27%



What they eat


Boiled food ( liver, lungs, fish, other kinds of meat + cooked vegetables)

Veterinary diet  

How could I help?


More than 100 of residents  of the shelter need food and water  every day. Heating of the house, electricity, veterinary services, medicaments, shoud be payed in cash as well as food. Monthly expenses of the shelter are 2000 $ approximately.

You can make your money contribution  by transferring money to shelter's bank account HR6124840081105037704  SWIFT: RZBHHR2X    


Donations in food are welcome. Dehidrated as well as canned food for the cats is acceptable. Please deliver to «Stari Maček»( Old Cat) Hrušovljan 17, 44318 Voloder, Croatia

Veterinary services

The number of more than 100 cats means that they often need various veterinary services: vaccinations, sterilizations, castrations, treatment of various health desorders, surgical interventions etc. The closest fully equiped veterinary ordination is « Four Paws « ( Četiri Šape, +385 1 288 133, cetirisape@gmail.com) in Ivanić Grad. You can donate an ammount on their account with the notice: « for Old Cat» and that money will be used for Old Cat Shelter. Please send a copy of bank transfer to our e-mail: oldcatshelter@gmail.com

Donate and choose a gift

Plese choose one of  beautiful and usefull articles with Old Cat logo from our web shop and help Old Cat shelter

Or you can pay directly to : Old Cat's account HR6124840081105037704  SWIFT: RZBHHR2X  and we will send you a gift of your choice.     


You could help Old Cat by participating in one or more of the following tasks:

Cleaning shelter

Mowing grass

Painting fence

Surrounding maintainance

Feeding cats

Petting cats

Web and FB site editing and administering

Selling souvenirs

Etc, whatever you think would be usefull


  Get soft and warm Cats' Hugs and help Old Cat Shelter

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Old Cat ( Stari Maček)

Croatian nonprofit organization for protection of abandoned animals   

Shelter Voloder

Personal Id. Number( OIB) : 28314892504

Hrušovljan 17, 44318 Voloder, Croatia

E-mail: oldcatshelter@gmail.com

IBAN: HR6124840081105037704  SWIFT: RZBHHR2X  

 Shelter's manager :  Ljiljana Horvat Komerički

FB  facebook.com/starimacek.hr


 Please make a donation! Thank you